2018 season:

New prototyping tool 

Add e-commerce and shopping cart to any item!/

Canvas print with delivery in Canada 

Amazing and clear CSS flexbox guide

React Course 

Slide Models for Google Slides

Amazing and slick background wallpapers and colors

Designing prototypes with X code

Largest collection of cutout free PNG

Connect Woocommerce with Amazon affiliate prods

Sell digital products - billing service

Icons material for iOS

Funnel DIagrams

Batch SoundCloud download:

Audio Player collection for your use

Voice changer online app:

Toolkit for mac os 

20+ blog types to generate powerful content

Excellent info product title and marketing creativity

Barba, JS transitions the cool way:

Learn HTML,CSS and JS free 

Amazing 3d Car Visualizer 

Download all your Data from Docs -  Google Takeout

Style Google Maps: 

How to use Adwords:

Software reviews and comparissons 

Draggable - JS library for drag and drops, thick design 

Codepen Podcasts

Free pictures 

Online photoshop

Sketch cards to design webbies and more

Curso de CSS grid excelente en Espanol:

Amazing powerful 3d designs with tree.js

Design in the browser - article

Article: HTML and CSS are design tools

Number augmenter scroller

Priority Guides 

Article Spinner 

CSS Grid Generator

Capture images from youtube Video

Cool site for agency

Inspiration from CSS design awards

Frameworks Ranked by community votes

Coding accessible for designers and artists 

Tutorials for web tech

Format CSS Code. 1 Line per Style:

Easing animation reference guide 

Free Stock images for your projects

Article on creating story frames, as starting point for pages that require storytelling. 

Amazing Designer Cheat Sheets:

QuickTips tooltips for your webs

Material Design Mix with Bootstrap sample template

WaveSourfer sound cloud like soundwave for interface

Material Design Elements

Official site for web components:

Admin Templates made in bootstrap and with material themes:

This could be better..

Simple brutal applications

All APIS you want to use:

Google Express Layout - flat

CSS GRID course

Brutalist art direction article on styl eguides and reference

Grid Layouts learn by example - professional samples, simple and effective with all you need


3D models

Lorem Picsum - image fillers and placeholdwers 

Excellent timpanus guide to grid

Very cool brutal minimal design tool

Grid Layouts

Bootstrap Free Editor with sweet components:

Super WebDesigner powers with CSS libs and here the directory to all the shit:

Snazzy maps for google

VUE guide by CSS Tricks

Vue Animations: 

Vue Tutorials

Angular exercises for designers

Sequence.js the modern slider:

Taggle: create tag boxes on text fields: 

Amazing microlib to make progress bars:

MNircrolibs to accomoplish things in web front end 

Materialize CSS

Article on Sketch libraries vs UI Design Systems.

Resume OK, samples of resumes for tech people

Javascript Hero, mini class

Push Sidebar in bootstrap 4 for your projects

Eye opener Software Dev Explainer:

A-frame GUI Examples:

CarUX WebVR platform

Renault Space Visualization in WebGL

Web VR Resources

Bootstrap Material Design 

Javascript for Cats | Easy to learn JS

--------- 2017 session

Photosphere Viewer

Live designer canva alternative free

Grab 360 images from flqr equirectasngular

Grab 360 panoramas out of Google StreetView 

A-frame examples of WebVR 

Fantastic Examples of Fonts against BG

Animated Spinners and Loaders for your web page

Cloud Media Hosting Service

CSS new tutorial

MAC Ios Design Guide

Webb VR buildup

3d objects for sketchup 

3d objects to build the 3d web 

Brutalist Framework Massive library

Behance Showcase and find Creative Work

Brutalist Inspiration

Brutalist Pictures

View pictures of brutalist Design

Brutalism Inspiration: 

A-Frame, Web VR:

Annotate Websites, comment etc

About brutalism and anti design 

Free high quality stock pics:

Dev Reference Handbook


Free Video Covers

Make Custom Mailforms Forms Easy

HTML dog with examples

Amazing experiment of experiments   

Create pages like a pro right away with this dragger

Unit Conversion

Map based charts for your website

Capture Heatmaps from users and identify patterns.

Create lists and tasks

Online marketing collateral designer

Screen Capture

Print Screen

Create Google Doc

Optical Character Recognition 

How to Do email sniper and extract - mail hunter + snagit 

Word counter with amazing break down

Free Videos for your projects 

Free Images for your projects 

Ionic Creator

WebFlow - web builder for bootstrap 

Bootstrap cheatsheet for version 4 

Booty Color Selector: 

Bootstrap Color Picker 










NEWER - fun template sampler 


ANIMSITION -  transitions 

CROSSCOVER - amazing slider with cool new way effects 

Clonable: Grid Portfolio simple cool 

Angular Book to start, from novice to ninja: 

Animation Libraries & Tools 

Amazing Angular Plunks to learn and get started 

Learning Angular for Designers 

Origami Prototyper 

amazing tool to make sites based on html5 up 

skekl framework used in html5 up sites: 

Animated Libs for Dersignerd and devs: 

Interactive Video framework: 

Video Sources: 

Slider with no deps: 

AlvaroTrigo: developer with few JUI libraries such as fullpage.js 

Video Background Easy JS 

Venn Js - library to make venns 

Bootstrap CheatSheet: 

Free, fast Webhost to test your work on the webz: 

3d Bold Nav: 

NavNav examples of navigation: 

Ditto: inspiring layout page to clone 

Nav Pusher 

Reveal JS - Slide Framework: 

Swedish JS developer amazing portfolio site 


Online presentation framework for slides

Fullpage JS - lib for ful page animations 

Anime JS for sick animations on the web 

Howler JS for fantastic audio players 

Khan academy, the world of js libraries: 


The world of javascript libraries to power up your webs: 

chart maker simple 

Kindling Framework: 

Hover FX library to use on buttons 

Hi Charts Color Reference: 

Hi Charts visual editor: 



Sketch Resources 

Wireframe CC tool: 

Comparison of Charts 


Social Compare - excellent tool to compare resources 

Full Screen Navigation: 


Chart Comparisons: 

CSS Tricks: 

Babylon JS - 3d objects in Web GL 

CDN for Javascript libs, plenty of resources:
No more localfiles, go to the world of external resource 

D3 Graphics

Create Data visualization graphics that will blow you away   

Examples of Data Visualizations 

Best data visualization libraries for Using in Web Projects 

Amazing Dashboard Designs for Inspiration: 

**Customizables Examples of General Charts from Chartist 

Google Charts for Reference and Sampling 

Colored Google Maps for Designing Geo Data Driven UI 

Bootstrap Sidebar 

15 amazing javascript chart libraries to use in your projects 

HighCharts: Dynamic fantastic charts to use in your projects 

Amazing Polar clock graphic 

Zingcharts amazing powerful and beautiful includes venn and others 

Graphics and charts , Recommended by software director 

Tools to embed charts online: 

Chartblocks online chart builder